The Company

Meacci srl. was established quite some time ago in November 1963.
Initially, its name was Meacci Ferdinando & C. snc, and its production was in the engineering field. Shortly thereafter it was changed into a mechanical workshop to make mostly machines and accessories for the wine and oil sectors.
At the end of the ‘60s, with the shoe manufactory boom, the firm moved to a new seat of about 4500 m2, working predominantly in the manufacture of “cutters to copy”, machines dedicated to the production of platforms for clog. It was during this period that the firm was developed to its maximum, employing 40 people.
In those years, the firm, thanks to the shoe sector, began working with cork, which eventually grew into its principal production.
From the middle of ‘70s, the clog sector began its inexorable decline causing the firm to dedicate itself to the production of corks as there were many such cork factories in the area.
The first machine made and put on the market was a “pneumatic selector for natural corks”, a real revolution for the time. From then on, 300 units of this machine have been made and at present it is still in production.

During this time, the firm changed its name to “Meacci snc” and, afterwards put other machines on the market up until 1986, when it produced the prototype of “Corpocork”, a system for the manufacturing of pressed corks for champagne and wine, which has enjoyed remarkable growth and success, resulting in the realization of 40 plants. Afterwards, the firm changed again becoming “Meacci srl.”.

In September 2005, Meacci srl. intensely renovated, concentrating all its activities in a completely new and wide area.
Nowadays, Meacci srl. presents itself on the market as a foremost factory in the cork sector, not only because of the vast range of products offered, but above all for the reliability and the capacity of innovation that has always distinguished this firm.

Officine Meccaniche